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5 Reasons Why Glamping In Singapore Is Better Than Camping

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Camping is can be super fun, you get to sleep under the moon and stars, soak your feet in the sand and enjoy the cool night breeze of the sea. But honestly, not everyone is into overnight camping. Mainly because of comfort and Singaporeans are generally pampered. And to rough it out from pitching the tent to sleeping on the ground, many overlooked camping. That is why Glamping will make you change your mind. Glamorous camping brings nature and luxury together so that many more people can enjoy a good camping experience.

Here's the reason why:

1. No setting up or packing down

For those who have tried camping the traditional way, you will remember the hassle of getting the gears and equipments together. The idea sounds fun but when it comes to pitching it down, that requires quite a bit of help. And all the things you have to carry back and forth, your sleeping bags, air beds, tables, chairs... by the time you are done, you are already exhausted. But with glamping, everything is done for you. All you need to do is to check in and enjoy the rest of your time there!

2. Comfortable High Air Beds

Who would have thought that sleeping outdoor on a high air mattress can be so comfortable and give you a good night sleep? Long gone the cold rough ground. This is just perfect for families with children. The beds are even equipped with linens and cushions.

3. Battery-operated Fans

We all know Singapore has Sunny weather most of the time. Then will it be so hot inside the tent? It does get warm during the day but thank god for the battery-operated fans provided. For 4 pax and 6 pax tents, 2 and 3 fans will be installed respectively. That's a major life saviour. And at night, the temperature will cool down and the breeze from the sea will give you a good night to relax.

4. Just 10metre Away From The Beach

Literally when you open up the tent door, you are just steps away from the sandy beaches. Not everyday you get to enjoy the beach life. Kids definitely love this! Glamping in Singapore offers a unique outdoor experience without compromising comfort and luxury.

5. Customised Package For Special Occasions

Glamping is a great idea for gatherings, special events like birthdays, anniversaries, hen's party and even romantic proposal setup. According to what your occasion is, the team will set up your tent with balloons and decorations that suit the theme. Even a luxury picnic setup outside your tent is doable. Planning to celebrate? Have it hassle-free and enjoy a cool glamping experience.

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