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4 Most Common Places In Singapore For Camping

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Come on, step out and away from hotels staycation and bring out your adventurous side by going for a camping night out. Time to let loose and reconnect with the nature. Enjoy some eco-therapy and get away from the bustling city.

Please take note that camping is no longer permitted at Changi Beach Park, Noordin Beach in Pulau Ubin, and Sisters’ Islands. Check out the 4 most common places to go camping in Singapore below:

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Most popular beach has got to be East Coast Park. It is definitely bigger than other parks in Singapore and equipped with more amenities and facilities for patrons and campers. ECP stretched from Area A to G but you are only allowed to pitch your tents at Area D and G. Camping permit is required for these 2 areas- please book your permit here. You can also bbq at these areas. However, there is limited number pits available. Be sure to book early! Both areas are great for family events and outdoor activities such as cycling, swimming, roller blading, skate boarding etc

Camping at Area D is more accessible from Marine Parade. The location is strategically centred near to food eateries, cycling park, 24 hour convenience store, bicycle rental shop and there are 3 toilets in this area alone- with outdoor showers are available. For those who prefer a more quiet and isolated area away from the crowd, Area G will be more suitable for you- best if you have your own transport.

Photo credits from Heavenly Glamping

Another common sight here will be the big canvas tents pitched along the beach. There are called the glamping tents. There are service providers that will set up the tent for you equipped with luxury accommodations camping amenities such as battery operated fans, air mattress, cool fancy decorations and many more. If you are looking for something more easier and luxury than pitching your own tent, head over to Heavenly Glamping and check out their packages!

Check out things to do at Pasir Ris Park here.

A much less crowded beach park for those who prefers a more peaceful and laid back camping experience. Fret not, there is still plenty to do at Pasir Ris Park. Explore their six-hectare mangrove forest trail, try out water sports, cycling, kite flying, barbecue, get lost in the maze garden, pony rides in the gallop stable or have fun at one of Singapore's largest playground. This calls for a great family outing!

Campings are only allowed at Area 1 and 3. For those coming from Ehub or Downtowneast, just a 10 minutes walk into the park and you will be able to pitch your tent along the beach. There is no food eateries in the park itself but you can walk to the nearby mall to get your dinner fix. For families with kids, Area 3 will probably get them more occupied. There are a few eateries in this area and more accessible to a nearby carpark. Please book your camping permit online here and print it out at any AXS machine before pitching your tent.

What others are saying about West Coast park- reviews.

Yes! A camping park for the West side of Singapore. East Coast Park and Pasir Ris Park are located in the East of Singapore and may seemed too far for some. Although you may not get the breezy waves of nature and the sandy beaches, but come on down and get wild with the 7 massive play areas, from a Ninja Obstacles Course, Flying Fox, Spiderweb maze and many more. There is something for everyone.

Campings are allowed in Area 1 and 3. For those who wants easy access to the main attractions, Area 3 is a good place to pitch your tent. There is a convenience store nearby and if you are hungry at night, Mcdonald's would be available 24 hours in the park itself. If you have a transport, check out other food options along West Coast. Book your camping permit here.

Check this out for a more detail experience camping at Pulau Ubin.

Just a 10 minute bumpy bumboat ride away from Changi Point Ferry Terminal to Ubin Jetty ($2 per trip), camping at Pulau Ubin is a quick getaway from the bustling Singapore. It is perfect for anyone who just wants to unwire themselves and immersed in a rustic kampung lifestyle. Unlike Singapore beaches, Jelutong or Mamam beach are very open to nature and wildlife such as wild boars. So you do have to be more careful. Do give a heads up to the local Police Post upon reaching Pulau Ubin. Camping permit is not required. Just get in early to get the best spot. Do pack all the things you need such as toiletries, first aid kit, snack pack and anything essentials as they are not many shops available there. To move around the island, you can just rent a bicycle.

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